Episode 55: How To Remain Calm During COVID-19

podcast Mar 14, 2020

It’s a primal instinct to jump into a stress response, but what happens when anxiety sets in?

Anxiety is caused by thoughts about the future and in this episode I’m going to share 3 essential practices you can implement today to ease unnecessary stress and anxiety.

It’s one thing to be stressed, it’s another to be in unnecessary suffering causing loss of executive function, sleep, and clarity of our brain and heart.

Listen as I share 3 essential practices you can use not only in times of crisis, but in our everyday lives. Please share this with someone you love.

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(1:30): When worry, stress, and anxiety does not serve and why we remain in anxiety after our initial stress response. 

(2:59): During anxiety, on a subconscious level, we are resisting a possible future reality which keeps us stuck in the loop of anxious thoughts. 

(4:40): Why there is no right or wrong “level” of anxiety and the question each and every one of us needs to ask ourselves. 

(5:05): The first essential practice is to finish the movie in your mind. 

(7:00): Asking yourself the “elephant in the room” question. 

(8:27): The second essential practice is to train yourself to be present to your thoughts and emotions. 

(11:40): Thoughts and feelings are simply happening. Personalization is what amplifies peace or fear. 

(12:56): The third essential practice is to stop all judgement for your reactions. 

(14:14): Why intellectually practicing Brain & Emotional Management doesn’t meet us in the real experience. 

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