Episode 56: What Every Stressed Success is MISSING That's Keeping Them Stressed

podcast Mar 18, 2020

The reason why most people can never resolve their stress is because they’re missing one or all of the three pillars of the Stressproof Method, and today, I’m breaking it all down.

I’m going to teach exactly why so many people find themselves endlessly trying to manage their stress with nothing to show for, and how without these specific components in place, we’ll always feel as if we’re in a never ending cycle of trying to find one solution after another.

Trust me, you’re NOT broken and there’s nothing wrong with YOU, and this will all make sense when you listen to this episode as I breakdown the Stressproof Method.


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Oh! I have something juicy for you.

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(3:32): The biggest mistakes most people make when trying to manage their stress. 

(5:50): What IS stress? Where does it come from and why is it so hard to manage? 

(7:22): If you forget everything, remember this. T = E = R. Plus an example of needing to let go of an employee. 

(12:08): The three most important pillars of the Stressproof Method - Brain Management, Emotional Management, and Training. 

(12:29): When we have Brain Management and Training, we have strategic thinking but no self control. 

(14:24): When we have Brain Management and Emotional Management, we have self awareness but it’s only a short lived experience without any depth.

(16:44): When we have Emotional Management and Training, we have self control but find ourselves exhausted spending most of our time processing unnecessary emotion from mis-guided thoughts.

(18:31): Most stressed successes are missing one or all of these pillars and find themselves in chronic stress.


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