Episode 57: Deepening Human Connection, Feeling Lonely, & Social Distancing

podcast Mar 25, 2020

Social distancing may be in effect, but that doesn’t mean we as humans have never felt lonely prior to this directive, and it also doesn’t mean that just because we are social distancing that we need to feel lonely at all.

In fact, physicality has virtually nothing to do with connection!

Whether you are suffering from loneliness or you believe you need to physically see someone in order to feel connection, this episode is just for you.

Learn how you can feel a connection simply by thinking the right thoughts.

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(0:47): Seattle, grocery shopping, emotional vs. physical desire. 

(2:10): How to create deep human connection despite social distancing and the two ways in which we experience connection. 

(3:53): How physicality has little relevance to connection in the way we crave it. 

(5:53): The feeling of connection is a direct result from our mind, not the relationship. 

(6:55): Examples of connection to passed loved ones, faith, and religion. 

(9:30): We can always control our depth of connection despite what is happening outside of us. 


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