Episode 58: What Our Impulses Reveal

podcast Apr 01, 2020

Impulsive behavior such as overeating and pouring the glass of wine at 4pm, are becoming the norm as many people are struggling with the lack of structure and routine they’re so used to in their day to day lives.

Until we get curious about our impulsive behavior we will continue to see undesirable results such as gaining weight and feeling less than stellar from having one too many glasses of wine the night before. Not to mention the lack of productivity.

Listen to this episode as I reveal exactly what our impulses reveal and the top 3 reasons why our impulses feel so uncontrollable and what we can do about it.

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(0:47): Shelter in place, LA, gratitude, and more.

(2:03): Stress reveals our weakest link; example of stress testing via Jurassic Park. 

(3:38): Why our impulses reveal some of our biggest, weakest link in our ecosystem of our brain and heart. 

(4:20): What is an impulse and urge? 

(6:20): The consequences of when we allow impulsive behavior. 

(8:20): The number one reason we allow impulses is because we never question what we are feeling.

(11:29): The second reason we allow impulses is because we don’t know how to be with discomfort. 

(12:17): Client example of impulsive eating due to boredom. 

(13:33): Impulsive behavior is a result of ANY uncomfortable emotion by the individual. This can be even the feeling of happiness. 

(15:20): The third reason we allow impulses is because we don’t manage our brain. 

(18:50): When we overcome our impulses we constantly experience new delights because we’re not keeping ourselves in the same cycle of avoidance. 


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