Episode 6: How We Automate Stress And How To Change Our Stress Response

podcast Apr 10, 2019

Do you find yourself riddled with anxiety every time you hear a notification? Is Netflix or wine the new norm after dinner? This could very well be the automation of your brain via neural pathways.

In this episode, I share how many of us understand intellectually why we don’t need to stress as much as we do, and yet our bodies feel tight and wound up with worry and anxiety, which end up causing us even more unnecessary stress.

Learn to understand why your brain is so good at this and how you can start making a change today. I share every day work examples as well as waking up with anxiety.

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1:54 – The brain and how we automate stress

3:16 – Stress as comfort

5:45 – Neural Pathways

7:45 – Benefits of neural pathways

8:14 – Automated habits as STRESS WIRING; the process of outgrowing old habits

9:06 – Netflix and Wine

11:15 – Generating new neural pathways in three steps; changing old habits (waking up with anxiety)

13:55 – What is a belief?

16:40 – The brain and the dark alley

19:50 – 60,000 thoughts a day



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