Episode 60: How To Trust Your Decisions

podcast Apr 15, 2020

Have you ever felt confused after making a decision because you didn’t feel good afterwards?

And because you didn’t feel good you ended up doubting your decision or going back to the way things were?

When we don’t realize change requires us to feel multiple emotions and the need to hold two emotions in one container, oftentimes we will mistake sadness, grief, or even desire as a signal that we made the wrong decision when really it was ok to feel all of those things to begin with.

Whether it’s moving on to a different company, leaving an expired relationship, or having a difficult conversation, we will feel multiple emotions at once but the question is, do you have the skills required to A) clean up your thinking enough to like your reasons and B) have the emotional capacity to hold multiple emotions in one container?

Listen to this episode as I share more about what it takes to finally trust your decisions once and for all.

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(6:20): Why most people spend more time in indecision. 

(8:09): When we learn how to trust our decisions we maximize the most valuable non-renewable resource we have - time. 

(9:35): The moments in our lives when we feel multiple emotions at once. 

(15:15): Relationship example and holding two emotions. 

(16:52): Why we experience the same type of problem over and over again and what to do about it. 

(18:18): 4 Prompts to ask yourself to help you learn how to trust your final decision. 

(24:14): Why feeling bad isn’t an indication of a wrong decision.


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