Episode 61: Feeling Pressure

podcast Apr 22, 2020

Why is it that some people seem so calm under pressure while others are clearly trying everything they can to keep it all together?

For one, when we constantly judge our experience as negative, we will only create more negative experiences.

That is how our brain works.

Once you think a thought, your brain does everything it can to create evidence for your thought.

And when we don’t manage our brain and understand our emotions about what we think is creating pressure, chaos ensues.

Listen to this episode where I share what it means to feel pressure and how to navigate pressure by seeing the beauty it reveals to us about our lives.

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(1:48): Types of pressure we feel both external & internal. 

(3:37): Why pressure is neutral and what makes it bad or good. 

(4:38): Why we see pressure as a negative experience and the type of thoughts we have when feeling pressure. 

(6:17): The origin of pressure and the two personality types of how we handle pressure. 

(8:30): Believing the problem is the cause of pressure in our lives results in overing behavior. 

(9:59): Why training your mental muscle is crucial to managing pressure properly and efficiently. 

(13:03): Seeing the beauty of pressure so that we can see the truth of our life. 

(14:29): Unnecessary suffering in times of pressure is a direct result of not wanting to accept the truth and stepping out of alignment of who we really are. 

(15:54): Why most people live in chronic pain without even realizing it. 

(18:08): Pressure and fear. Why some feel fear and others feel confident.      


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