Episode 64: Giving Value

podcast May 13, 2020

Do you ever feel like you have so much to offer and yet you don’t see the same success as others seem to have? Whether it be at work, in business, or even in relationships?

A big reason why this might be happening is because while you have lots to offer you don’t have a balanced relationship to value.

In this episode I’m going to teach you the 3 types of relationships we all have to value and how being stuck in 2 of the 3 types might be blocking you from future success!

Listen now.

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(3:00): Answering the question, “How do you provide so much value and give it away? How do you think of so much content?” 

(4:30): Why value is not only subjective to business but is something we do every single day and determines the quality of our life. 

(5:55): A brief overview of intangible and tangible value. 

(8:34): The first relationship we have to value is when we withhold value. Examples include hiding information at work and withholding feelings while in a relationship.

(11:51): The second relationship we have to value is giving value without purpose. Examples include overworking at work and giving too much of ourselves in a relationship. 

(16:50): The third relationship we have to value is when we give value with purpose and transformation. 


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