Episode 65: Discounting The Positive

podcast May 20, 2020

Did you know there’s a very simple way to stop the horror movie you are playing in your mind? 

In fact, all it takes is practicing and training your brain with this one simple exercise, but first you have to be observant enough of your own mind to catch this movie each time it plays.

Because the truth is, most people don’t even realize the move is even playing.

They simply believe that the movie they are playing in their own mind is LOGICAL analysis.

Listen to this episode where I break down the three stages of awareness and the one simple exercise you can start practicing TODAY to train your brain so that you stop discounting the positive that is all around you.

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(1:32): How are YOU doing? What layers of emotions are you feeling lately? 

(3:50): Why your brain loves to see everything as negative until proven positive. 

(5:25): The side effects of discounting the positive. 

(6:28): The unconscious awareness of discounting the positive. 

(9:20): How context contributes to discounting the positive. Book reference: The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss. 

(12:50): Why Training is a voluntary stage of your awareness IF you want to become the director of your own mind.  

(15:57): How practicing this one mind exercise can help you expand your positive experience of life and well-being. 


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