Episode 66: Painful Thought Gaps

podcast May 27, 2020

Have you ever objectively looked at your life and because nothing was that bad you wondered, “If nothing is THAT bad then why do I feel THIS bad”?

When we don’t catch the conflicting thoughts that happen in our brain, we sit in between two thought models and create pain because our brain is not only confused, but defaults to believing the negative thought over the positive thought.

Listen to this podcast as I share more about what it means to sit in the Thought Gap and what you can do to start feeling better now.

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(4:30): Be the first to know when the official Stressproof Program is live! Join the waitlist at 

(5:25): Let’s talk about the pain that we feel because we feel so bad. Where does this come from? 

(6:30): Burnout in San Francisco. 

(10:36): Cognitive Dissonance and Thoughts Gaps. 

(13:50): The difference between intellectually feeling better and feeling better with your heart.   

(15:01): Why positive affirmations don’t work. 

(16:45): Rushing our way into feeling better vs. accepting where we are. 

(20:08): Neurons that fire together, wire together.


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