Episode 67: On Purpose

podcast Jun 03, 2020

Feel like something is missing in your life despite having a perfectly good life?

This week, I’m sharing what it means to think and feel ON PURPOSE so that you don’t live your life as if the future holds the keys to your very own happiness.

You are more powerful than you can ever imagine, but it will require you to stop thinking “out there” and start thinking “right here”.

Listen to this podcast as I share powerful questions to ask yourself in the areas of work, food, and love so that you can start feeling authentic joy and happiness right now, instead of waiting for it to happen in the mysterious future.

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(1:23): How most people don’t live on purpose on a micro level. 

(3:00): What it looks like to live life by default. 

(4:03): How we perpetuate that empty feeling in our life. 

(4:55): Everything can be done unconsciously or consciously. Food example. 

(7:23): Waking up unmotivated as an example of unconscious thinking and feeling. 

(9:43): Your thoughts create how you feel. 

(11:38): On Purpose with Food. 

(12:18): On Purpose with Work. 

(13:00): On Purpose with Love.

(14:45): How Brain Management helps you to get very clear on who you are and what you really want.


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