Episode 69: How To Deal With Any Emotion

podcast Jun 17, 2020

Emotions are high but the truth is, emotions will always run high if you are a human being.

Circumstances in our life are inevitable and the only way to feel better is to actually learn HOW TO FEEL ANYTHING.

Because let’s be real, most people would rather turn to wine, ice cream, or booking the one way ticket out of dodge. But really, all that ever does is turn into an overdrinking problem, binging problem, or constantly escaping our lives.

Listen to this episode and learn how to deal with any emotion so that you can finally stop escaping and start living the true experience of your life.

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(0.48): Preview of next week’s podcast “How She Did It” where I interview a former client on how she managed her mind while moving to a different country, starting a new job, and starting a long distance relationship.

(2:05): Why our emotions matter now more than ever. 

(3:00): When we don’t feel our emotions, we ignore the true reality of our life. 

(4:45): Example of resisting my own emotions in my 20s. 

(6:09): Believing that emotions are unbearable and that negative emotions mean something has gone terribly wrong. 

(8:05): Why it’s so easy to turn away from how we feel.

(9:31): How capacity to feel and using the emotion of stress and anxiety as an example. 

(13:19): Your emotions as a guidance system. 

(15:34): How to deal with any emotion in 4 simple steps.  


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