Episode 7: Problem Oriented Thinking vs. Solution Oriented Thinking

podcast Apr 17, 2019

How do you keep from firing off the hasty email or snapping at someone you love? Stress and overwhelm can make it far too easy for anyone to do something they might otherwise regret, but NOT until you’ve had a chance to apply this one simple model that can change your life!

Learn how to apply this life changing model so that you can be more at peace faster than ever before, as well as learn how to get out of the perpetual problem oriented mindset and instead, learn how to think more strategically with Solution Oriented Thinking.

As always, this episode is filled with real life examples so that you can apply this to your very own situation.

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[5:00]: F vs. S (Fact vs. Story Model)

[6:12]: Client example from work

[7:42]: How you try to control the Universe and stress

[10:22]: Problem Oriented Thinking vs. Solution Oriented Thinking Model Explanation

[13:57]: How long will it take to automate Solution Oriented Thinking?

[15:00]: Confidence as a byproduct of Solution Oriented Thinking



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