Episode 70: How She Did It - Moving Countries, Jobs, & Managing a Long Distance Relationship

podcast Jun 24, 2020

Listen in on my conversation with a private client Ruth, who moved countries, switched jobs, and started a long distance relationships all while managing her mind.

Ruth shares why she decided it was time to get coaching, the biggest, hidden thought she didn’t realize she believed about herself, and how she’s eliminated so much unnecessary work stress so that she can finally tap into her biggest potential.

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(0:48): Introducing private client Ruth. 

(4:00): Ruth tells us her story about living in New York, moving to London, switching companies, and transitioning to a long distance relationship. 

(5:13): Seeing opportunities vs. challenges. 

(7:33): Why Ruth decided to get coaching. 

(9:15): How waking up feeling behind was the everyday experience. 

(13:01): Ruth’s biggest aha moment that helped her believe her goals and dreams were closer than she thought. 

(16:06): Why Training your mind and heart will always be the catalyst of your continuous transformation. 

(19:18): How Ruth saved 6 months acclimating to her new job and what it’s like working with a completely new way of thinking. 

(25:13): Applying the same concepts to all of her relationships outside of work. 

(31:47): Why fear is a choice.


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