Episode 71: The Simple Mindset Shift To Getting Back Into The ZONE

podcast Jul 01, 2020

This one simple mindset shift might be the difference between staying STUCK in fear, worry, and doubt, to getting back into the ZONE and into alignment.

Most people who remain struggling and stressed center their attention on the “Why” questions and thoughts. And once we overstay our welcome in the “Why”, we end up in massive resistance that holds us back from showing up as our future selves who ultimately holds the solution. Because let’s be honest, your future self isn’t wondering “why”, they are taking aligned action because they see the solution!

Listen as I share one simple mindset shift that will help you to re-frame your specific situation so that you can show up as confident, free, and as the author of your own life.

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(2:36): Examples of what throws us out of alignment. 

(5:45): What is preventing us from living our best life. 

(7:30): Why we need to embrace the plot twist if we want to live our life like a best selling novel. 

(13:10): Exercise: How to get back into the ZONE and back in alignment with your future self. 

(18:35): The biggest mistake people make that keeps them STUCK and out of the zone.


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