Episode 72: Is CBD Keeping You Stressed?

podcast Jul 08, 2020

If you’re tired of hearing that self care is the answer to all of your stress, because let’s face it you’ve probably tried it all and still feel terrible, then you might want to listen to this episode!

One of the number one reasons why self care fails at being a lasting solution for stress is that it only focuses on the symptoms of stress (sore shoulders anyone?) instead of identifying and resolving the underlying CAUSE of stress.

I’m sharing the top 3 mistakes every purpose driven, high performer has gone through when it comes to self care and why they still remain stressed and unhappy, so that YOU don’t have to make these same mistakes!

Listen now.

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(2:33): Why a product doesn’t solve core emotional pain and needs. 

(6:10): What most purpose driven, high performers get wrong when it comes to self care. Mistake #1: Relying on self care over critical thinking. 

(9:24): Mistake #2: Focusing on the symptom of stress instead of identifying the underlying problem. 

(11:26): Underneath what we think is a problem is actually a SELF problem. 

(12:22): Example of stress caused by avoiding “negative people”. 

(15:20): Mistake #3: Changing your circumstances to control your stress. 


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