Episode 74: Seeking Approval

podcast Jul 22, 2020

What if I told you that the reason why we seek approval is because we don’t approve of our own self first?

Think about it, if you 100% believed in yourself, ideas, product, and services, it wouldn’t matter what anyone thinks because you believe in yourself first.

On the other hand, if someone else’s thought is supporting YOUR THOUGHTS of disapproval or doubt of what you have to offer the world, then to the un-managed brain, it becomes second nature to constantly seek the people who DO approve so that we prove to our own selves that what we have to offer is valid and worthy.

The only problem is that there will always be someone who disapproves.

Listen to this episode where I share what approval is and how to stop seeking it so that you can stop spending your precious time and energy on other people, and invest it in yourself instead.


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(1:58): Update on the upcoming Stressproof Program! 

(6:16): What is approval? 

(7:39): Why humans needed approval. 

(10:30): The effects of seeking approval. 

(11:55): Why some people crumble at disapproval and others thrive. 

(14:30): Seeking approval in sales. 

(15:45): The pattern of seeking approval and client example. 

(20:10): Using situations to learn how to self approve.


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