Episode 75: Suffering Without a Hard Circumstance

podcast Jul 29, 2020

When we aren’t managing our thoughts it’s easy to start wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”, especially when we KNOW, intellectually, that nothing is THAT bad.

And we start searching for obscure articles on google trying to find the answer for why we feel terrible despite having a perfectly good life.

Ironically, because this action presupposes that something is wrong, we end up perpetuating feeling terrible when the truth is, nothing is wrong and all we had to do was manage the thoughts in our brain!

In many of the cases I’ve seen, the reason why we feel like there is something wrong with US, is because we’ve unintentionally started suffering without a hard circumstance.

This looks like asking all the wrong questions that inevitably have terrible answers for circumstances that haven’t occurred yet. Such as the future promotion, potential relationship, finances, etc.

Listen as I explain why we need to create a new circumstance so that we can work from the facts instead of suffering in our own thoughts.

It’s allergy season and it’s in full effect which you might hear on the podcast. Don’t mind the stuffy nose, the content is still there :)


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(1:24): A brief overview of Personalization and why this one thing dictates how you feel about everything such as your job, life, and future. 

(4:10): Specific circumstance vs. “Without circumstance”. 

(7:20): Example using a promotion.

(10:45): How we create bigger problems when we suffer without a hard circumstance. 

(13:33): Suffering without a hard circumstance as it relates to your dreams and goals.


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