Episode 76: On The Verge of Burnout

podcast Aug 05, 2020

Burnout is REAL but it doesn’t mean we have to breakdown in order to BREAKTHROUGH.

Listen to part one of this series on burnout where I focus on sharing the warning signs of burnout, the two levels of solving any problem, and how we can prevent perpetuating the same type of problem in the future.

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(1:07): A breakdown of this 3 part series on breakdown. 

(3:20): Why giving up your life and moving to Thailand might not be your most ideal option if you’re THIS type of person. 

(5:21): What IS burnout? And a brief description of the warning signs.

(10:19): The difference between how one responds to life before and during burnout. Examples

(11:00): The two types of people when it comes to how they address and resolve burnout, and why only one group feels exponentially better. 

(12:02): Why fixing your actions is keeping you stuck in the problem! 

(14:50): The two levels of solving any problem.

(15:23): Are you suffering from burnout as a condition of the mind or physicality? 


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