Episode 77: What To Do During Burnout

podcast Aug 12, 2020

If your old way of thinking got you INTO burnout, then how do you need to think during burnout?

In this week’s episode I’m sharing the 3 essential components to surviving burnout. There’s no one universal way of getting through burnout but from coaching so many well-intentioned, high performers I’ve found that there’s a common theme when it comes to the pattern of thinking as well as patterns of feeling.

Listen to this episode as I share exactly what to avoid so that you can spend most of your finite time and energy getting back into alignment and feeling like your old self again!


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(0:40): Recap of Part 1 on this series around burnout. 

(2:18): The first essential component to consider during burnout is whether or not you are THINKING about your FEELINGS, and how to shift from analyzing to feeling. 

(6:32): How our emotions can help us discover the deepest part of ourselves and our next step. 

(9:19): The second essential component is to shift burnout from being a RESULT to being a CIRCUMSTANCE. 

(13:34): The third essential component is to understand what got you HERE won’t get you THERE.

(17:57): Questions to reflect on during burnout. 


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