Episode 8: This ONE Thing Will Determine Your Breakthrough

podcast Apr 24, 2019

Most people give up on their next level of success, whether it’s the promotion, the partner, or the new number on the scale, because they don’t understand and apply this key concept – Middle School.

In this episode I cover the fundamentals of why we desire to change, what happens when we are faced with fear, and how to apply this key concept in order to finally BREAKTHROUGH to the next level of your life.

Key examples used include promotions, weight loss, and a personal story of my own.

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[1:51]: Free training announcement and how to get it!

[2:17]: How to accept current pain in order to get what you want

[2:45]: What does next level look like for you?

[5:00]: Middle School – How to get what you want

[6:47]: How we perpetuate our current circumstance

[8:00]: Making Partner example

[9:51]: Weight loss example

[11:11]: Susan’s personal example of going through Middle School

[13:32]: Why we don’t have what we want right now



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