Episode 81: The Ebb & Flow of Anger

podcast Sep 09, 2020

What do YOU do when you feel angry? Is it an emotion you feel often or rarely?

For many people that I work with, anger isn’t a baseline emotion that my clients feel on a daily basis unlike worry and stress.

So what happens when suddenly you feel anger like never before?

How do you manage your thoughts and emotions that almost leave you feeling out of control, vulnerable, and completely unlike the old you?

If you don’t often feel angry and don’t know what to do with yourself when you DO feel anger, then this episode is for you.

I'm sharing the three things you need to consider when dealing with feelings of anger, and to be honest... any feeling that leaves you feeling so uncomfortable because you're simply not used to feeling it.

You don't want to miss this.

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(1:57): Does anger feel foreign to you? If not, which emotion feels foreign or uncontrollable to you? 

(3:04): Individual tolerance levels for anger and other emotions that make us uncomfortable - even happiness. 

(5:45): What creates the natural ebb and flow of emotions that we feel in our body? 

(7:01): Why deleting people from our lives and running away from the problem doesn’t remove our anger. 

(7:57): How to handle the ebb and flow of anger; Step 1: allow anger to be present in the body instead of intellectualizing the experience with your mind. 

(10:45): Step 2: suspend all judgement toward your thoughts and emotions. 

(14:20): Step 3: understanding your capability to feel anything. 

(17:09): Why it’s so easy to believe our thoughts as facts instead of seeing them as optional. 

(18:55): Anger as neutral.  


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