Episode 82: Listener Q&A - How to Feel Confident, Meeting Expectations, Fear of Failure

podcast Sep 16, 2020

Listen in as I share my take on your questions around how to feel confident, meeting work expectations, how to tackle the fear of failure, and more!

Some of the common themes I notice in many high performers is that it’s far too easy to change the circumstance or take more action in order to feel better because… well, we can! As a high performer it’s easy to do the work, even if it means taking more time to do so.

However, what you’ll learn inside this episode is that just because you do the work, doesn’t mean you’ll feel better. In fact, I’m going to show you why managing your brain and doing thought work is the ultimate key to lasting success.

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(1:41): Q1: How can I stop worrying about what everyone thinks about me and to stop talking to myself in a negative manner? How can I bring the confidence I have as a mom (I am an amazing mom when it comes to my kids) but at work I am a doormat. Thank you in advance. 

(5:43): Q2: How can I not be triggered while talking to someone in a conversation?  

(8:17): Q3: I get really stressed about not having a certain body type, especially when I don’t work out on that day. To be honest, I don’t feel confident in my own body… What should I do?

(11:43): Q4: I am not sure whether my work is up to my manager’s standard because he rarely says positive and negative statements about my work. So then, I get anxious about whether I’m good enough... 

(13:31): Q5: I am scared of not being successful in life so I work extremely hard toward my goal. But I also feel stressed if I haven’t reached the goals I set for myself. What do I do? 

(16:10): Q6: I am mostly stressed about the uncertain future. I have lost my job recently and feel like there’s no hope in my life. How can I find hope when I am really depressed?


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