Episode 85: Pandemic Sensitivity

podcast Oct 07, 2020

You’d think with having more time and LESS physical obligations, LESS people to worry about, and LESS places to go, that naturally your stress would slightly follow suit and decrease as well.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for many people around the world and that is because our brains never stop working and LOVES to solve problems.

And just because there’s less to do, doesn’t mean there’s less for your brain to focus on.

In fact, have you noticed that even the smallest things have gotten the best of you?

Things that may not have otherwise bothered you PRE-pandemic?

OR, have you been noticing old, not-so-good habits coming back to life?

Habits such as biting your nails, snacking, or drinking too much wine?

Don't worry, there's a reason why this is happening and I talk about it this week on the podcast.

Introducing Pandemic Sensitivity.

It's when our brains start to find problems in even the slightest things that we might have overlooked when our life was "normal", hence the sensitivity.

And until we train our brains to create the awareness of Pandemic Sensitivity happening in real time, we'll continue to be stressed and create negative results in our lives instead of healing ourselves once and for all.

Listen now and share this important topic with someone you love!


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In this episode you’ll hear:

(1:20): Why our brains don’t rest even when we have more time. 

(4:46): What IS Pandemic Sensitivity and are you experiencing it right now?

(6:14): Examples of what you might be sensitive to during this time. 

(8:18): Deciding between seeing Pandemic Sensitivity as TRUTH or an opportunity to heal yourself. 

(9:23): The three reasons why certain fragilities have been dormant and are being amplified during the pandemic. 

(10:35): Prompts to help you identify your internal fragilities. 

(13:49): Prompts to help pause the momentum of negative thinking.


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