Episode 88: Relationship Stress 201

podcast Oct 28, 2020

In part two of the Relationship Stress series we’ll be discussing the second biggest reason why we’ve become so unsettled in our professional and personal relationships.

I’ll be sharing how “1 way channeling” is leading to having a secondary relationship with people in our minds, and how this split of how we treat people in our minds vs. in real life is causing so much disconnect and stress.

If you ever talk to yourself or negotiate with yourself about certain people in your mind but end up showing up differently in person, this misaligned action is the symptom of a much bigger cause, which you’ll learn about in this episode.

Listen now and learn what it takes to create deeper connections with the people in your life.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The second biggest cause of your relationship stress
  • What “1 way channeling” is and how it’s causing disconnection
  • How to get on the right frequency of communication
  • What it takes to create deep, richer relationships
  • Why being “comfortable” with current pain is causing relationship stagnation
  • And so much more!

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