Episode 9: How To Feel Better

podcast May 01, 2019

Have you ever woken up just feeling… blah? Trust me, you aren’t the only one! There’s this low level, chronic way of living most of us tolerate because we don’t know how to feel better. And in this episode of STRESSPROOF, I break down each step towards feeling better and how to transform any difficult emotion such as stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

We talk about emotions such as shame, humiliation, and anger, and why we can never truly “get rid” of these emotions. We also discuss why TRANSFORMING these emotions is a key component to feeling better.

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[00:50]: Thank you & featured reviews

[02:03]: Wanting to feel better

[04:05]: The Emotional Management System

[05:10]: Our primitive nature and need to protect ourselves from discomfort

[08:00]: Relating emotions to energy; transforming emotions

[09:20]: False positives from short-term solutions

[10:15] First step to dealing with an uncomfortable emotion

[12:00]: The practice of checking where emotions reside in the body

[15:36]: Core belief work; Assessing the reason why you feel the way you do

[16:43]: Playing into victim mentality vs. inquiring within

[18:10]: Putting the Emotional Management System practice into play

[19:15]: The underlying theme with victim mentality: Fear

[21:07]: VIP Coaching announcement & how to apply!


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