Episode 90: How To Be Stronger Than Panic

podcast Nov 11, 2020

What if you could be so calm during chaos that everything feels as if it were moving in slow motion? What if you could hit the pause button before reacting in stress and panic towards another high priority meeting, and respond with ease, confidence, and true power?

Guess what?

You ARE that powerful.

So powerful that whether you know it or not, YOU are the one that created panic in the first place. And if you created it, you can also stop it, but it will require you to start thinking on PURPOSE.

Most stressed successes are too busy taking messy action believing that the crisis is causing their panic, while true successful people who are happy inside AND out are operating from a place of managing their brain and their heart first.

Listen now and learn more about what it really takes to be stronger than panic, and the ONE question you need to ask yourself to start breaking down the paradigm of constantly believing our negative thinking.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The two ways to think about panic
  • The #1 mistake most stressed successes make when it comes to feeling better
  • Why every problem we encounter is a SELF problem
  • How thoughts are 100% optional
  • Panic thoughts vs. Calm thoughts
  • And much more!

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