Episode 93: Disappointing Others & Yourself

podcast Dec 02, 2020

Are you afraid of disappointing others for how they might react to you or not accept you?

OR do you fear your inability to feel disappointment is preventing you from growing certain relationships or experiences in your life?

If so, you don’t want to miss this episode.

There is a common misconception about disappointment that most struggling successes make, and this misunderstanding is actually creating more disappointment and more FALSE relationships than it is authentic relationships and results.

No matter what circumstance presents itself, YOU cannot disappoint others.

What creates disappointment in others is a result of their thoughts - not you or what you've done.

Learn exactly why you can never “disappoint” anyone and why “disappointment” as feedback is a much better way to operate from POWER vs. force.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Getting good at neutrality
  • Understanding what really causes disappointment
  • How Personalization works with the feeling of disappointment
  • Why circumstances never create our feeling of disappointment
  • How owning your disappointment generates more personal power
  • The difference between power vs. force
  • And much more!

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