Episode 97: How To Shift Into Abundance NOW

podcast Dec 30, 2020

Most stressed out successes believe that abundance is right around the corner.

“Once I get that promotion, then I’ll really feel good.”

“Once I make this much, then I’ll feel more secure.”

“Once I meet my partner, I’ll feel loved and life will be an adventure!”

Can you relate?

Here’s the thing… This backwards way of thinking is keeping many struggling successes STRESSED and further away from their goal. And this is because things in the FUTURE do not make you feel abundance.

THINGS cannot make us FEEL anything. 

Materially you may have an abundance of THINGS. But things do not create how you feel on a day to day basis.

Feeling abundance comes from your thinking.

And in order to feel it NOW you have to start managing your brain and understand how to think ON PURPOSE.

Listen to this episode and don’t make the same mistakes most people are making that is keeping them stuck.

You can feel anything you want.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why most people feel lack instead of abundance
  • What almost every stressed out success is doing to keep abundance at arms length
  • Where abundance truly comes from
  • How to feel abundant now
  • And much more!

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