BONUS: It's OK To Be Afraid

podcast Dec 14, 2019

Feeling afraid doesn’t have to mean that something is wrong or that you’re making a wrong choice.

In fact, did you know that feeling fear is always a PREREQUISITE to achieving anything big in your life? This is especially true if you’ve never done it before.

Join me in this bonus podcast episode where I share common “logical” questions that often come up during these moments prior to making the next big step in our lives, so that you can identify fear as part of the process and move on to achieving BIG things.

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Oh! I have something fun for you!

I’m gifting a special Brain Priming Audio Guide to help you create SPACE between you and your thoughts so that you can respond to situations without the stress. Simply head on over to iTunes and screenshot your review to @susanchoiwellness on Instagram or email [email protected] for your exclusive access to this highly sought after audio guide!


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