Challenge: Your Micro Goal For The Next 30 Days

podcast Apr 03, 2020

This is a random bonus episode with a CHALLENGE for you inside.

The truth is, we can look at our situation as losing weeks of our lives or we can create something AMAZING from this.

Because if you’re anything like me, you know just how precious our time is.

We will never get this time back.

I repeat.

We will never get this time back. Ever.

In this episode I’m reminding you what it’s like to feel stress from your head vs. your body, and why feeling it from your body will actually help you release unnecessary stress and suffering, your challenge for the next 30 days, plus I’m sharing how I’ve been adjusting to the new norm.

After listening to this podcast I’d love to hear what YOUR micro goal is for the next 30 days! Screenshot this podcast episode and tag me @susanchoiwellness and let me know over on Instagram!

Oh! I have something juicy for you.

I’ve created a new FREE training for the listeners of this podcast that reveals why a smart person like you is still struggling with stress, and exactly what you can do to prevent stress before it even begins! For instant access head on over to


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