Episode 41: Simplification

podcast Dec 11, 2019

The reason why it’s so hard for most people to simplify their lives, is because it reveals to us our biggest discomforts and forces us to face the truth of our lives, and we have to ask ourselves, are we ready for that?

Our brains love to indulge in confusion despite how painful confusion feels. And the reason why we decide to stay in confusion is because the pain of the unknown far outweighs something much more familiar - confusion.

Learn how three simple suggestions to simplify our life, can help us not only get our time back so that we can focus on our biggest goals, but also give us the opportunity to finally see what we have been hiding from ourselves all along.

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(3:33): Recap of last week’s episode “Do You Fail On Purpose?” 

(6:01): The human brain has 60,000 thoughts a day, yet how many of us ask ourselves the same questions every single day trying to make the same micro-decisions. 

(7:24): The biggest secret to Simplification is to decide ahead of time. 

(8:55): How entertaining too many options causes us to waste time. 

(12:00): What can we start to simplify in our life right now? How can we create more mind space? 

(12:53): How notifications contribute to the white noise in your mind. Examples provided include work email, Instagram, and Facebook. 

(15:27): Adrenal Fatigue being a forcing function to simplify notifications. 

(17:00): How batching email and social media clears out ancillary thoughts that come from what we are exposed to. 

(19:47): Simplifying the decisions around food often brings up the drama we have around food and our life. 

(22:35): Our bodies don’t need the calories, what our deeper self needs is something only you can answer. Whether that’s more love, more joy, or more satisfaction. 

(23:50): How to simplify shopping. 

(25:22): Simplification reveals to us what we are uncomfortable with because we will feel the desire to re-negotiate with a decision we made ahead of time. 


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