Episode 80: The One Powerful Word That Can Change Your Life

podcast Sep 02, 2020

What if you could turn a bad day into a day of hope? What if you could change the entire trajectory of the week by using one single word?

So many people are stuck in unnecessary stress and suffering without even realizing they are the CAUSE of their own misery. Most people are reliving the past with the very words they are using, but this doesn’t have to be you.

By using this one powerful word I share in this episode, you can open a gateway of opportunities and start building your FUTURE this very moment and leave your past behind you for good.

Listen to this podcast, change your life, and make sure you share this with someone you love.


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(2:15): One of the biggest mistakes many people make that is keeping them stuck reliving the past. Episode #71 mentioned in this podcast and you can listen here.

(3:32): The dangers of being past focused vs. future focused. 

(6:42): Fundamental truths between science, mindfulness, spirituality, and thought work. 

(9:40): The quickest way out of problem based statements.

(11:47): How to use this one powerful word using “They’re going to say no” as an example.

(14:22): Why your future isn’t dependent on what happened in the past.


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