BONUS: "It kind of turns your world upside down"

podcast Apr 10, 2023

All right, I have to read something for you all. Because I think there are a lot of you that can relate a SO MUCH to this student, especially if you’ve been thinking about getting coached or joining the program.

You see, he had reached out to me YEARS ago, and finally started the Stressproof Method self-study program, and I won’t speak for him, I’ll let him do the talking because here’s what he wrote in:


Susan - 

After a couple false starts, I got immersed in the material this weekend (1st section); I recall you suggested taking time, up to a week, to process the material - I just couldn't hold back. It kind of turns your world upside down. And I was very disillusioned with previous efforts I have tried in the past. 

Anyway, I took a lot of notes and have been reviewing - with the exercises; it's allowed me to build several 'models' that shook-up things I've been working on. 

This came at an important time for me on many fronts, and as you hinted, clarity (and practice) in one area often leads to progress in another. I think it's true - our problems do seem to have a common denominator.

Much thanks. 

Will keep you posted.


That last sentence there might sound a little cryptic without context, and that’s because he’s already using the concepts and language inside of the Stressproof Method!

Seriously ya’ll. I can’t emphasize enough, just how many AHAS you will get once you dive into this program.

Especially if you are that person that has tried so many things, just like he has, in order to release stress and finally find a way to feel better.

And hey, I have been there too!

I had the essential oils right next to my computer, infrared saunas, cold plunges, the best supplements on my kitchen counter, lions mane mushroom coffee, you name it, I did it... and so have a lot of my clients.

And I have heard over and over again how even the first few videos alone helps people to finally feel an ease that they have never felt before. 

And I’ll tell you why.

It’s because you will finally understand and SEE, literally and physically SEE with your eyes… how you’ve been trying to work with circumstances and feelings all in a backwards way that only keeps you IN the cycle, not actually break free from it.

Anyway, I just had to share that juicy goodness, it just came in the other day and I hope that it encourages those of you that have been in his shoes to finally dig into the program. 

It just might come at your important time in life.

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You can read all about the program, read other students' experiences, and get started right away.

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