Episode 183: Pt 1 - Your Summer Stress-Cleanse Challenge

podcast Jun 21, 2023

I’m going to read the summer challenge to ya’ll in a two part series.

You see, every Friday, in the month of June, I have been (and will be for two more weeks) sending out a short and simple summer stress-cleanse challenge where I talk about a topic and then give you a homework assignment, sometimes even a bonus assignment too.

And as I was about to podcast this week I thought of all of you. My friends who are not yet on my email list, and by the way if you aren’t you can sign up in 30 seconds by visiting 

So here it is.

Part 1 will consist of weeks 1-3 and then Part 2 will be the final two weeks of the challenge.

These are short, juicy, and very powerful challenges. Most people will listen and move on about their day and little will have changed aside from feeling temporary relief, but if you really want to become Stressproof… if you finally want to see real changes in your life… Then listen carefully and start implementing the homework assignments TODAY. 

You got this. Let’s go.


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