Episode 4: The Secret To Building True Confidence

podcast Mar 27, 2019

Have you ever noticed you are confident in one area of your life but lack confidence in another? Have you also noticed this lack of confidence leads you to feel stressed and wonder what’s wrong with me? What does it require to build true confidence so that you can make strides towards the things you truly desire? In this episode of STRESSPROOF, learn what it actually takes to build true confidence wealth so that you can achieve everything your heart desires without the fear of rejection, failure, or judgement.

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Episode 3: Does Self Care Work? When It Does... and When It Doesn't

podcast Mar 20, 2019

Have you tried every self care regimen, hack, and stress relief strategy and yet you still feel the edge? Why do problems keep coming back and what can you do about it?

This episode is all about how to properly use self care in a way that actually prevents stress from building so that you can live an optimal life.

Learn why most self care in the way it is used today does not work, and learn how you can effectively use the power of self care to its fullest potential.

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Episode 2: THE Order Of Stress And Where It Really Comes From

podcast Mar 20, 2019

Where does stress start with you? Is it the job? Finding your purpose? The partner or lack thereof?

What if I told you that mental & emotional stress starts in the same place for every single person, and there is an ORDER to how stress is actually created?

In this episode I'm going to be sharing a key concept as to how you can relieve unnecessary suffering and stress no matter what we think is causing the stress.

Learn how you can begin to reverse stress and begin to think more strategically about how to approach any area of your life for optimal living.

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Episode 1: How Years of Stress Led to Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue

podcast Mar 11, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of the STRESSPROOF Podcast! In this episode I share how years of stress led to burnout and eventual adrenal fatigue. I breakdown what adrenal fatigue is, as well as share what it took to overcome adrenal fatigue. Listen as I share what it actually took to regain control over stress and how you can start living an optimal life.

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